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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LactemSr, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. LactemSr

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    That's right, the day is almost here! Our grand opening will be Friday at 7:00pm ET (east coast time), which will be 4:00pm on the west coast. Since timezones are confusing, we've started a precise countdown that you can see by adding alphacraft.us to your server list.

    Is it going to be any different from beta?
    We got a lot of really positive feedback throughout the last two weeks of beta, mostly about the amazingness of KitPvP - so we haven't removed anything except for one class that we felt was too generic. On the contrary, we've more than doubled the number of classes and effects that were available during beta! To show off some of the coolest new KitPvP effects, we made a video for you:

    In addition to classes and effects we've added lotto ticket buying, a delivery pirate to collect free points and coins daily and monthly, KitPvP progress updates every 10 minutes, and staff ability to toggle join/leave/death messages when there are a lot of players on. Our open beta period also helped us in discovering and squashing several bugs, resulting in a smoother and more fun pvp experience!